We have been going in many forms since since 1992 – here are some of our various names and line-ups over the years:

2013 – The Newtowners – Colm Daly (fiddle), Terry Pearce (bass) Cathy Marsden (guitar, vocals) + special guests.

The New Towners – Colm Daly (fiddle) Andy Olver (mandolin) Terry Pearce (guitar) Cathy Marsden (guitar) Sara Harvey (bass)

Hickory Smoke v2: September 2008 – December 2009 – Roger Winslet (vocals) Chris Rogers (guitar, vocals) Colm Daly (fiddle, uke) Andy Olver (mandolin) Terry Pearce (bass)

Hickory Smoke v1 – Dave Plummer (banjo, guitar) Terry Bennett (mandolin, guitar) Chris Rogers (guitar) Terry Pearce (bass) with occasionally Roger Winslet (vocals)

The Newt Owners – Colm Daly (fiddle) Stu Weetman (banjo) Andy Olver (mandolin, guitar)

The Newt Owners Barn Dance Band – Robin Gillan (fiddle) Colm Daly (piano) occasionally with Hugh Crabtree (caller) Eric Mintz (banjo)

The Newt Chasers – Colm Daly (fiddle, piano) Stu Weetman (guitar, banjo) Lawrie Wright (bass)

The ILLbillies – Colm Daly (fiddle) Dave Hornsey (banjo) Eddie Winship (guitar)

The Liberty String Band – Colm Daly (fiddle) Fiona Cameron (fiddle, banjo) Dave Hornsey (banjo) Neil White (guitar), occasionally with Mark Wallace (fiddle) & Weather Centre Richard (mandolin).